Malaikannan The Deep Learning way of life


Hi this is Malaikannan Sankarasubbu. This is my personal page, opinions expressed here are mine not of my employers. You will find my ramblings about technology, politics, philosphy and sports. I am a programmer, have been programming for about 12 years now. I use to love Object oriented programming, but have crossed over to the dark side of functional programming and scripting. I can rave about how good Python is as a Programming Language all day long. I love Artificial Intelligence, i am active in the Deep Learning community. I kick off training Deep Learning models in winter to keep my room warm. If I didn't meet my wife in Scranton airport, i would have moved to Alaska and probably you would have seen me in the outdoor shows with me riding a snowmobile in dead of Alaskan winter. I have a young family, my handsome and intelligent son is 5 years old, i am married to my beautiful wife for 6 years now. I am founder and CTO at where i get to work on cool artificial intellegience problems. I